This is Kernel

This is Kernel

Kernel is an e-health and technology group company that aims to contribute to more sustainable and dynamic healthcare systems in Norway and abroad. Kernel has taken a structured approach to sourcing and developing companies that independently address substantial unmet healthcare needs, and together can solve  systemic challenges that hampers the ability to deliver effective treatment and care.


The largest company in the portfolio is DIPS, an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) provider that services more than 85% of the Norwegian hospital market. DIPS's newest release, DIPS Arena, serves as a data hub, an enabler for innovative user experiences, and an accessible platform for third-party vendors. To complement and strengthen DIPS's position and value in the Norwegian market, Kernel invests heavily in companies such as Aidn and Kvikna, tasked with developing future-proof EMRs for additional healthcare providers, such as long-term care and general practitioners (GPs). From inception, these companies are tackling the fragmentation of health services across the continuum of care and will provide tools for seamless communication and collaboration through intuitive clinical and administrative solutions.


The overarching goal of the Kernel companies in the Norwegian market is to fulfill the vision of "one citizen-one record". This is at the core of our business, and with a longitudinal investment perspective, extensive industry knowledge and collaborative approach, we will succeed in our mission to become an indispensable building block in the healthcare services every citizen needs and deserves.

We look to the future.

A longitudinal approach, combined with extensive experience and innovative power is at the core of the technology we develop that will solve the largest challenges in the digitalization of the public and private sectors.

There is safety in expertise.

Our people are our biggest asset. Vi have a team with experienced leaders, experts and developers. Together, we have broad technological competence, and are well-prepared to tackle complex digital challenges together with our clients. We strongly believe in leveraging existing knowledge, further develop it, and making it available across sectors – to the benefit of customers and end-users.

We have been here a while.

Yet, we are just getting started. We have a long-term investment horizon in both established companies and groundbreaking startups. With our insight and experience with technology and software, we represent a secure and future-oriented partner.

We develop technology for sustainable societies.

It is the core of what we do – and that is why we are Kernel.



Thomas Smedsrud

Chief Executive Officer

Fredrik Rytter Skuland

Chief Financial Officer
Amund Lundgaard

Amund Lundgaard

Chief Technology Officer

Pelle Sneen

Senior Business Developer
IMG_Monica Lenning

Monica Ilstad Lenning

Group Business Controller

Ane Solesvik Oppedal

Head of International Business

Henrik Auråen

Strategic Business Developer



Anne-Grete Strøm Erichsen


Former minister of Health and former Defence minister


Arve Ree

Deputy chair


Uten navn-7

Andreas Mørk

Board member

Investment Director AWC


Kolbjørn Haarr

Board member

Former CEO of Kernel


Ida Aalen

Board member

Co-funder and CPO Confrere

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