Our companies

Our companies


DIPS is Norway's leading supplier of e-health to Norwegian hospitals. Together with our clients, we create a digital workspace for more than 150,000 healthcare professionals across the country.

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Our ambition is to create the missing healthcare platform all Norwegians deserve—an integrated set of applications that allows institutions, clinicians, social workers, and citizens to collaborate on healthcare matters as a single team.



Together with sister companies under the Kernel group we enable the possibility to solve major pains within the sector - both for the healthcare workers and the citizens. We do this through design and data-driven development in empowered teams, delivering a multi-tenant SaaS solution.

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Dips Front

DIPS Front delivers solutions for the nursing and care sector (CosDoc), as well as Child Welfare, Social and DIPS Samspill – our collaboration and coordination tool. We are present in 165 Norwegian municipalities and private institutions with one or more of our solutions.

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Extensor AS is one of Norway's leading suppliers of medical record and administration software for interdisciplinary clinics, institutes, rehabilitation companies, occupational health services, institutions, and smaller hospitals.

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ReMin develops digital solutions for infection tracking, vaccination, testing and notification. The system was established as a result of the corona crisis in 2020 and will make it easier for health professionals to track infection. 200 Norwegian municipalities use the solution.

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Deepinsight specialises in computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced predictive analytics.

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DiaGraphIT® offers simpler and better patient care through the innovation GoTreatIT®.The software collects and displays disease activity, health status, quality of life and medical intervention and forms a solid basis for a joint effort in the treatment of chronic diseases.

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Indico delivers solutions for securing digital evidence to the health service, police and the judiciary. Indico Systems AS was established through various cooperation projects with the Norwegian police. Indico is currently headquartered in Oslo and has additional operations in the United Kingdom, Estonia, Germany and the United States.

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